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Will Potter in Deutschland – Vorträge organisieren

14. September 2010

Will Potter, unabhängiger Journalist, spezialisiert auf den „Kriegen gegen den
Terror“, vor allem auf die Repressionen gegen Umwelt- und
Tierrechtsaktivisten, ist nächsten Monat für eine Woche in Europa und
sucht noch Leute, die Vorträge organisieren wollen.


The only stamp on my passport is from the Republic of Texas. So I am really
excited, and honored (and a bit nervous), to be speaking at the University of
Hamburg in Germany next month. It’s part of New Roads of Solidarity, an
international congress focused on drawing parallels between instances of
government repression, and working together across social movements and
across borders to fight back.

I decided to stay another week in Europe after the conference as a much-needed
vacation after completing a revised draft of the book (more on that later).
However, I have absolutely no plans, no agenda, and no idea what I am doing.
I thought it would be great if I could set up a few more speaking events,
give some structure to the trip, and make the most of my time.

I need your help! Do you know any students, professors, activists, infoshop
volunteers… anyone who would be interested in organizing a speaking event
sometime between October 11th and October 16th, 2010? Other than starting and
ending in Hamburg, I’m pretty much willing to go anywhere if I can make it

Please pass this around to your friends on Facebook and through email. If
nothing else, I’d love to be in touch with like-minded folks who want to
teach a Texan to curse in multiple languages.

Email speaking [at] GreenIsTheNewRed [dot] com.

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