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Wie man die Welt verändert (Teil IV) – Total Liberation

28. Dezember 2009

Wie schon in der Diskussion zu Teil III angemerkt fehlt noch eine Stimme, die Stimme des streitbaren Steven Best, der die Anhänger seines Kontrahenten auch gerne als „Franciombes“ bezeichnet. Selbsterklärtes Ziel ist die Wiederbelebung der veganen Abolitionismusbewegung, die bisher nur pseudo-abolitionistisch wäre, spießig, elitär, thematisch einseitig, konsumistisch, unpolitisch und von einem pathologischen Pazifismus getragen. Falls jemand trotzdem noch weiterlesen möchte, kann er das hier tun oder erst die kurze Fassung konsumieren:

  1. Begin with a thorough and ambitious reading project that provides grounding in history, social theory, political movements, and political economy (i.e., the critical analysis of the capitalist economy and the decisive influence it has on aspects of reality, society, experience, and thought). […]
    Difficult? Yes. But who said revolution is easy?
  2. While it is essential that you read the manifesto, understand its motivation, and absorb its philosophy, we encourage study of the following [some] books and resources sure to broaden your understanding of total liberation politics.
  3. Contact groups such as Vegan Outreach and urge them to diversify their message in order to reach the struggling working classes, people of color, and financially depressed communities.
  4. Form alliances within your own area and community. Network with other individuals and groups fighting oppression, discrimination, hierarchy, violence, militarism, capitalism, imperialism, and so on (e.g., LGBT groups, racial equality movements, feminists, anti/alter-globalization networks, leftists, anarchists, and environmentalists).
  5. Move beyond trendy cafes, upscale malls, and uptown and suburban comfort zones, into areas completely neglected by the vegan and animal rights communities.
  6. Organize a vegan food drive for the poor and underprivileged in your community.
  7. Outreach needs to happen on the Internet as well, so begin building bridges online, while never neglecting the streets.
  8. Moving from the local to the global, research, publish, and educate on the profound changes unfolding in China and India, two crucial flashpoints of change.
  9. Work with newly created total liberation groups, such as the Alliance for Progressive Science (APS), which NIO, TPC, Steve Best, and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) formed to combat “Pro-Test” vivisection activist groups in the UK and US.
  10. Creatively develop new tactics by engaging innovative models such as developed by the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP).
  11. Join or start a support network for political prisoners from animal rights, environmental, or political movements.
  12. Unlike pacifists, radical abolitionists support Animal Liberation Front tactics such as laboratory raids, mink liberations, and economic sabotage.
  13. Write and publish on NIO, TPC, and social networking sites about your research and experience with alliance politics and creative action.
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